Referee Training Materials

Referees must have their own copy of the latest Official Gateball Rules and Guide for Referees and the Q&A Guide.

The most recent edition of the Rules was published by the World Gateball Union in 2019. The Guide for Referees is published with the Rules and describes other topics of importance when carrying out the role of an official. It describes hand signals, the role and positioning for referees and other officials. 

The Q&A Guide is a supplement to the official rules. It is presented in a question and answer format and covers issues that could occur in a game but cannot be fully covered by the Rules.

The Gateball Australia Referee Committee (GARC) endorses rules that will apply within Australia. These rules have been documented in the Gateball Australia Tournament Regulations. Referees must read and understand the Gateball Australia Tournament Regulations. 

Training courses about the rules and practical refereeing are sometimes available through State Coordinators. Contact your State Coordinator to find out about any planned referee courses.

Online training materials are also available. Anthony Dask, a Victorian Gateball player has produced many hours of videos which are available through YouTube. These take players through the different sections of the rule book and also refer to sections of the Q&A book. These links take you directly to topics that correspond with the rule book or the Guide for Referees:

Intro to GB     The Court     Equipment     Team, Managers and Players

Preparing for the Game      How to Play the Game  Winning and Losing

Play and Rights as a Stroker      Effective Plays and Ineffective Plays

Movement of the Ball   Stroking     Passing the Gate    Finishing (Agari)

Touch    Spark     In-Ball and Out_Ball    Ball Touch Foul     Play Interference

Referee Time     Exchange of Equipment     Interruption of the Game

Referees         Referee Calls           Referee Positioning

A series  of videos produced by the Taiwan Gateball Association are also useful. This video in particular describes the relationship between Referee A and B which is one of the important items that a beginning referee needs to understand. Please note that these videos have not been updated for the 2019 rules – viewers should remember that the referee now keeps their hands by their side when calling “Play Ball.”

Two Korean videos usefully outline hand signals and  procedures  that officials are expected to follow at the beginning and end of a game

Those who would like to have a copy of a workbook can access one here. If you wish to obtain a word copy so you can type into it,  email to ask for one.

Referee Workshops 2021/22 Australian Gateball Championships

At the 21/22 AGC a number of referee workshops were held. Resources clarifying roles are available as follows: Basic Interaction between Referees A and BDuties of the Assistant RefereeDuties of a LinespersonDuties of a RecorderReferee Role A&B and the Scoreboard Keeper.

Other clarifications were presented as follows: Example Record SheetRotational Doubles Record Sheet , Monitoring Player sequence for Doubles and Referee Hand Indications