Team Skills for Beginners

Gateball teams have captains who call the shots for a game. However, in effective teams, all players have responsibilities which include:

  • standing at the closest boundary to their ball position
  • knowing where the next number opposition ball is at all times
  • knowing where the team’s next ball is
  • after making a stroke or spark, walking to a position ready for the next stroke or spark.
  • watching the captain carefully
  • thinking through the probable shot they will be asked to play, but having a couple of options in mind to avoid rigid, unchangeable thinking
  • not discussing their shot when called – playing within 10 seconds
  • being ready with any information a captain may wish to double check, eg. the last gate the ball has scored, or if the ball has already passed a particular gate.

Players have a responsibility to think both court side and when they are playing their own turn. Players can take a “Think Like A Captain Course” to help them prepare better for tournament play. Email for more information.