Start a club

So you want to play gateball? Great! First check our where to play map to see if there is a club in your local area.

If there isn’t a club in your area, check with your relevant state coordinator of gateball or the National Coordinator of Gateball. They will tell you if there is a croquet club nearby that can help you. Most croquet clubs have courts that are free for days or part-days and they will be happy to encourage you to join their club and start playing gateball.

When there are no croquet clubs in your area or town, consider discussing the opportunity with the local bowls or golf club. These clubs may have facilities and playing surfaces that are great for gateball. Alternatively, you can play on any flat surface with relatively short grass (as is common overseas).

Always keep in contact with the state director or the National Director because they will be able to assist you to become affiliated with your state Croquet association, purchase equipment, organise coaching and obtain promotional items to assist getting new players.

With affiliation, members are able to join the fraternity of Australian gateball players, enter tournaments both in Australia and overseas, and receive information about the sport.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!