About Gateball Australia

Because Gateball is a mallet sport requiring equipment, courts and playing techniques similar to croquet, the Australian Croquet Association (ACA) and the state croquet associations have been active in promoting gateball at croquet clubs Australia–wide. Gateball Australia’s parent body is registered with the Australian Sports Commission as a National Sporting Organisation.

The ACA registers and uses the business name Gateball Australia and is Australia’s member of the World Gateball Union. No other Australian organisation can join.

The ACA appoints a National Coordinator of Gateball to be responsible for Gateball matters in Australia and to represent it as a Director on the Board of the World Gateball Union. In 2021, a National Coordinator of Refereeing for Gateball was appointed to work in conjunction with the NCGB. Both office holders report to the ACA Board . A member of the Board also serves as a contact person for Gateball. This is currently Barbara Northcott.

Some State croquet associations  appoint officers to coordinate activities and promote gateball in the state. These officers are State Coordinators or Directors of Gateball.

Present incumbents are:

National Coordinator – Gateball:    Ros Crowe – info@gateball.com.au

National Coordinator of Refereeing – Gateball: Bruce McAlister – info@gateball.com.au

State Coordinators of Gateball

NSW (including ACT)  – Judy Tier – nswgateball@gmail.com

NSW Coordinator for Gateball Refereeing – Petula Shun – petulashun@hotmail.com

Victoria – Philip  Brown  –  gateball@croquetvic.asn.au

Queensland – Robert Roose – qldgateballcoordinator@gmail.com

Queensland Gateball Coordinator for Refereeing – Keith Chur-Hansen – keithchurhansen@gmail.com

South Australia –  Geoff Crook – gcrook@adam.com.au

Western Australia – Megan Fardon – megan8fardon@gmail.com

Gateball has also been demonstrated in Tasmania and equipment is available. Please email info@gateball.com.au for further information and contacts.