Basic Drills, Skill Cards and Programs to use

A useful series of videos has been produced by Satoshi, a Japanese Gateball Union friend of Gateball Australia. They could be watched on court with a phone. 

Court and Equipment Passing Gates and Making an Agari  Touch and Spark
Sparking+  Touch Pass Slide Touch
Outball   Bombard Common Fouls
 Jumping Touch Pass Touch  

Skills cards have always been a useful tool for beginners to use to practise a range of basic skills. Anthony Dask created a video explaining this card.

These activity cards match the skills card.  They can be set out on a court with the required equipment and players circulate from activity to activity during a session. 

Coaches often develop and use their own and these sets of activities were used in Rockhampton ,Pine Rivers and at Canberra. These Practice Routines were developed by Gateball Australia almost 20 years ago but are still valid.

The Skills Carnival was designed by Canberra Captain, Glen Whitehead, and provides a fun way to practice most of the core Gateball skills. 

Skills carnival