Stroking Sparking and Sliding Routines

Being aware of the steps required and developing routines for these 3 macro skills is important. A routine enables a player to work out where they may be making errors.

Stroking routine

Elements of a stoking routine are found on these links from the Croquet NSW website: GripStalk , Stance , Swing

Anthony Dask produced excellent videos that illustrate stroking specifics for Gateball:    Swing Series (Croquet Stance).

Most players adopt a croquet swing, however these videos introduce different methods:  Gateball Aiming Methods,  Golf Style and Chinese style.

Different conditions require specific attention to aspects of a stroking routine. After the challenges of long damp grass at the 2022 Australian Gateball Championships, some leading Croquet players offered some advice in this article from 2022. Scroll through the article until you find the heading “Stroking Advice”.

Sparking routine

Developing a routine for sparking is as important as a stroking routine. Sparking Tips

For left handed players, Philip Brown documents the process as a left handed instructor.

Sliding routine

Detailed notes on a sliding routine.

Slider Guide

The Slider Guider is a teaching tool developed by members of the McIlwraith Croquet Club to improve sliding technique

Slider guider