Gateball for schools

Gateball can be enjoyed by students of all ages.  Below are some of the materials Gateball players have used to with school groups.  If you are interested in trying Gateball at your school, get in contact with your state director of Gateball or email

Games for young kids

A number of Gateball players have taught Gateball in primary schools as part of the Active After-school Communities Program. Below are some of the teaching materials that have been developed by Barbara Northcott, Jim Northcott, Julia Vickers, John Park and Penny Park.

Gateball for schools - bottle skittle game  Gateball for schools - go to game  Gateball for schools - how many gates  Gateball for schools - passing gates game  Gateball for schools - pick up relay  Gateball for schools - target game Gateball for schools - tic tac toe

Lesson plans (for slightly older kids)

Gateball for schools - lesson 1  Gateball for schools - lesson 2  Gateball for schools - lesson 3  Gateball for schools - lesson 4  Gateball for schools - lesson 5  Gateball for schools - lesson 6  Gateball for schools - lesson 7