The Rules

The most recent edition of the Rules was published by the World Gateball Union in 2019. The Guide for Referees is published with the Rules and describes other topics of importance when carrying out the role of an official. It describes hand signals, the role and positioning for referees and other officials. 

A Q & A Guide is also available for these rules. This second document is  a supplement to the official rules. It is presented in a question and answer format and covers issues that could occur in a game but cannot be fully covered by the Rules.

Rules available from the WGU do not cover all aspects of officiating in Australia. The Gateball Australia Referee Committee (GARC) makes decisions on these matters and these are published in the Gateball Australia Gateball Tournament Regulations.  Referees and players should be aware of and implement these processes.

There are many summaries of the rules. This summary from Bruce McAlister can be obtained in landscape or portrait view. This summary of the rules has been produced by the European Gateball League with the assistance of Bruce McAlister.

If you have queries about the rules, there is a Q&A forum where you can ask questions or answer those from other people. Click here for the Q&A forum