Current Referees

Below is Gateball Australia’s authorised list of Referees in Australia. If there are any errors please contact your relevant state personnel. State Coordinators or State Coordinators of Refereeing should ensure that the NCGB is provided with information to update this list.

Referees become “inactive ” if they have not completed reaccreditation processes. Contact your relevant state personnel if you wish to become active again.

National Coordinator of Gateball: Ros Crowe –

QLD – State Coordinator: Robert Roose

International: Bruce McAlister and Glenda Windust.

Level 2: Barbara Northcott, Robert Roose and Julia Tai.

Level 1: Margaret Bevan, Robyn Brown, Fran Buckle, Warren Dowse, Kathie Grant, Jill Gwynne, Kathleen Hayes, Cheryl Kele, Chris Kele, Kerry Lamerton, Emma Mauceri, Brian Mullins, Donna Nicholson, Trevor Norman, Darrell Porter, Sandra Reynolds, Christine Roose, Philip Rowland, Judy Stringer, Dianne Sweet, Peter Sweet and Julia Vickers.

Inactive: Margaret Barnard,Herman Bekker, Lyn Christiansen,Carol Clayton,Margaret Dickenson, Lynne Farry, Keith McLeod, Beryl Turner and John Turner.  

Referees in training: Robyn Barlow, John Dargel, Lynda Davis, Eunice Frater, Sandra Gesler, Karren Kimpton, Susan Scott, Toni Sheedy, Kaelan Sweatman and Howard Williams.

VIC – State Coordinator: Philip Brown


Level 2: Philip Brown

Level 1: Cheryl O’Dwyer, Maxine Maclachlan, David Pryor and Tim Stagg.

Referees in training: Kathie Maloney and Kevin Maloney.

Inactive: Chris Langford.

NSW & ACT- State Coordinator: Petula Shun

International: Gilon Smith

Level 2:  Ros Crowe, Manuel Gutierrez, John Park, Petula Shun and Glen Whitehead.

Level 1: Jennie Brentnall, Helen Chalmers, Maddison Crowe, Marion Davies, Peter Freer, Alan Gray, Margaret Gray, Glenda Gutierrez, Robyn Hayes, Bev Mersmann, Penny Park, Ralph Richardson, Judy Squelch, Judy Tier and Peter Wood.

Inactive: Adrienne Fazekas and Robyn Irwin

Referees in training: Ray Chapman, Margo Davies, Elizabeth Dolphin, Lorraine Hatfield, Ruth Mulvaney, Lynne Thomas and Lynda Toms.

South Australia – State Coordinator: Geoff Crook

Level 2: Geoff Crook

Level 1: Barry Jennings

Referees in training: Peter Woodward

Western Australia – State Coordinator: Megan Fardon

Level 2: Keith Chur-Hansen

Level 1: Geoff Morris


No qualified referees