Tournament Templates

These templates contain the information required by the Gateball Australia Tournament Regulations. Download these templates to tailor them for your event:

ACA AusSport Facility Inspection Checklist – PDF version

ACA AusSport Facility Inspection Checklist – Word version 

Tournament Notice Template

Team Entry Form Template

Doubles Entry Form Template

Triples Entry Form Template

These templates can be printed for your event:

Playing order sheets

Gateball Record Sheet Template 

Gateball Record Sheet Example

Gateball Record Sheet and Example Template

Incident/Injury Report Form

Sample tournament draws can be found here:

Producing Draws for Competitions has been put together by Bruce McAlister.

Gate Setting and Line Marking

Court dimensions are to be found in the rules, but great care needs to be taken when setting courts for competitions. The two links below assist with accurate court setting.

Instructions on how to make and use a gatesetter and a plan with the required dimensions is available here.

Jamberoo’s system for accurately painting court lines was posted as a news item on this website and is available here.