Australian Gateball Championships 2023, 7th to 10th September.

The venue and time for the 2023 Australian Gateball Championships was announced at the end of our recent Championships

The event will be held from the 7th to 10th September 2023 at the Twin City Croquet Club, Albury, NSW

The Twin City Croquet Club plays on the lawn courts at the Albury Tennis Association, near the border of NSW/Victoria.

The club can set up twelve ‘A’ croquet courts so can accommodate any number of gateball courts on lawns at required grass length. The  greenkeeper is Shayne Ried. Shayne Ried, has worked on the courts at Wimbledon has being custodian since September 2004.

This overview shows us what an ideal venue this is.

Gateball Australia’s Championships is a biennial event, in 2023 we resume our usual pattern of holding the event in the odd numbered years. This is so that in the even numbered years we can send teams to World and Asian Gateball Union Events.





7 thoughts on “Australian Gateball Championships 2023, 7th to 10th September.

  1. Well it’s good know that we will have decent fields to play on after what can only be described as woeful conditions on the Gold Coast for the last Australian Gateball championship

    • I must admit Warren…while we didn’t attend…on video the lawns did look a ‘little poor’ to say the least. To be fair though, there has been a lot of rain all over, which would have made it difficult to get the lawns tip top. We really didn’t expect the comp to be run…due to flooding etc.Glad it was. The sport of Gateball has suffered through COVID, just as much an many other sports. Looking forward to 2023.

      • Yes it rained a lot but the grass was so long and thick, it really wasn’t like playing normal Gateball it was like playing bash a ball just to get where you needed the ball

          • I wasn’t saying that the best team didn’t win the tournament, but as an observation I would have thought that for Australian competition we would have the best fields and conditions for such an important event, remember that criticism should be welcomed and taken on board

  2. Whilst I agree the condition of the courts are not what some people are used to playing on, however, you need to be able to adapt.

    The court surface was the same for everyone, it was equal for all players, no disadvantage or advantage to others

    I could not agree more with the comment by Edward Rourke. Very succinct, straight to the point and very true.

    Players who complain or who could not adjust to the condition of the court at GCPC, in my opinion have automatically disqualified themselves from being considered to attend a World Gateball Championship in the future.

    Gateball can be played on any surface, you need the ability to adjust not complain about it.

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