Southport’s Gateball Triples

For the tenth year Southport  held its annual Gateball Triples. It was the first place in Australia to introduce Triples Competitions. Having nine teams participate was very pleasing considering the travel needed to attend the Australian Gateball Championship which was held just three weeks ago in the same area. Two teams came from Eildon, and one each from Moreton Bay and  Rockhampton as well as five teams from the Southport itself.

Playing Triples requires a player to be very active and the Captain needs to think very quickly to make plans or to counter the movements of the balls played by the opposition. It is not as hectic though, compared to Gateball Doubles. As a result, Triples Competitions are becoming more popular because so many Gateball players are appreciating this variation in the game. Special bibs are required but nothing else that is different is required.

Playing Gateball Triples at Southport Croquet Club.

All three courts were busy during the morning. The cross over Semi-finals were played after lunch. In this arrangement the winners of both Blocks A and B played the runner of the other block. Whilst two teams from Southport made it to the Semi-finals, the Final was played between Moreton Bay and Rockhampton.

The line up at the Final. L-R From Moreton Bay -Warren Dowse, Kaelan Sweetman, Emma Mauceri, Christine Roose (Recorder) Margaret Barnard ( Chief Referee,) Julia Tai  (Assistant Referee), and The Special K team was Steve, Chris and Cheryl Kele

It was wonderful that the Special K team travelled from Rockhampton to play and it included Mum-Cheryl, Dad – Steve and their son- Chris who had to travel from Townsville. Last year at Southport’s MSOB Gateball Doubles Competition, Steve and Chris won the event. They have continued that ‘winning feeling’! Congratulations to the Special K team. For all of their games, these three were in great form and did not lose a match. It was a very enjoyable day of Gateball with only few showers to cool us down.

The Special K team comprised Cheryl, Steve and Chris Kele and were the Winners of the Triples.

4 thoughts on “Southport’s Gateball Triples

  1. The Eildon teams had a great day, meeting up with old friends and meetng a few new ones, Congratulations to all players, who played in good spirit and a special thankyou to Southport Club who organised and ran the the event very well, the catering was delicious !

  2. Congratulations to the Special K team for winning and going through the completion undefeated and Moreton Bay for being a very competitive runner-up. Hope to see you all at the Canberra Triples early next year. Cheers Andrew

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