Riverina Gateball Championship

Twenty-nine gateballers from around NSW and Victoria attended the 2015 Riverina Gateball Championship at the Wagga Wagga Croquet Club.

Persistent but gentle rain welcomed players for the teams event on Saturday. Blue Mountains and Canberra were the clear standouts in the block both going through to the final with only one loss. Canberra controlled the final and finished strongly with some peg outs to win 17-9. The Canberra team included new gateballers Judy Tier and Adrienne Fazekas who both played very well in their competition debuts.

Wagga defeated Victoria 13-9 in the play-off for third place.

Canberra – Team Winners
Teams Winners

Blue Mountains – Team Runners Up 
Teams Runners-Up

On Saturday players enjoyed an evening of dinner, drinks, table tennis and trivia at the Charles Sturt University – thanks to the wonderful hospitality of the Wiltshire family. The success of the weekend tournament was largely due to expert organisation by Josh, Jenny and David.
Team Wiltshire

Gateballers enjoyed better playing conditions on the Sunday for the triples competition. Teams were randomly drawn which made for interesting combinations of players.

The partial block was very competitive with all teams winning and losing matches. The top three teams were tied on three wins and one loss with just a two net point difference between 1st and 3rd place. Philip Brown (Kew), Kristina Whitehead (Canberra) and Bev McCoy (Young) finished on top with the best for and against.

Triples Winners – Bev McCoy (Young), Kristina Whitehead (Canberra) and  Philip Brown (Kew).
Triples Winners

Triples Runners Up – Mary Dunn (Blue Mountains), Elaine Coverdale (Essendon), Kerry Seipolt (Kew) 
Triples Runners Up

Teams left Wagga looking forward to upcoming competitions in Melbourne and Jamberoo in May.

Results are available on croquetscores.

European Gateball Union

Flag_of_Europe.svgGateball Australia has received the first two newsletters about the formation of the European Gateball Union. Gateball Australia has responded to welcome the Europeans to the gateball playing community. An invitation was issued to attend the 2015 Australian Gateball Championships and, more generally, to visit any clubs or competitions listed on www.gateball.com.au

Hopefully, as our game spreads in Europe we will receive information about clubs and events that we might be able to visit.

The contents of the two news bulletins were as follows:

European Gateball News 1 – Luxembourg 26/03/2015

Following a decision taken by the General Assembly, the sports section Gateball of the FEDERATION EUROPE EN SPORT EUROPE was formed with the following name:

“European Gateball Union” (EGU)

Under the auspices of the Federation Europe en Sport Europe, in accordance with its Statutes and in compliance with the regulations issued by the World Gateball Union (WGU) the European Gateball Union aims to popularize, promote and develop Gateball in Europe.

Jan-Henri Draps was appointed Director General of the European Gateball Union proposed by the President of the European Federation Sport Jean Michel Teitgen. Jean-Marc Acquaviva, Executive Vice President of the Federation Europe en Sport Europe was appointed spokesman of the European Gateball Union with the World Gateball Union.

European Gateball News 2 – Luxembourg 26/03/2015


Pierre-Yves Dekerck was appointed managing director of the sports section Gateball FRANCE EUROPE FRANCE SPORT, the Presidency and managed by Michel Benamou. His arrival coincided with the arrival of Jan-Henri Draps to the direction of the sports section “EUROPEAN GATEBALL UNION (EGU) of the Federation EUROPE EN SPORT EUROPE. President of the Association Europe en Sport Nord Pas-de-Calais, Pierre-Yves Dekerck also held the office of President of Europe Sport in Belgium whose presidency was entrusted to Jan-Henri Draps end of 2014.



2015 Tavender Trophy

On 8 March sixteen members of the Canberra Croquet Club came together for the annual Tavender Trophy gateball doubles competition.

The club recently held a three weeks of “Introduction to gateball” sessions to introduce seven canberra croquet players to gateball. The introductory sessions introduced members to the specialist gateball shots, the rules and protocols of the game through a series of drills, discussions, mini-games and matches. International box, hunting and bombard mini-games proved a hit with the newcomers.

Six of the seven newly trained gateballers enrolled and competed in their first competition in the 2015 Tavender Trophy. They were joined by 10 experienced players for the competition including six previous winners. High-low pairs were drawn in the morning and play commenced with the eight pairs split into two blocks for the round robin matches.

The competition was extremely close with seven of the eight pairs still in with a chance of winning the competition as competitors enjoyed a hearty lunch..

At the completion of the blocks the semi-finalists emerged with Glen Whitehead & Judy Tier defeating Peter Tavender & Hilary White 14-9 while Gilon Smith and Adrienne Fazekas snuck past Kristina Whitehead and Margo Davies 10-9.

The final saw Gilon Smith and Adrienne Fazekas as the better pair leading 15-11 leading into the last turn. Glen fought back and scored gates two and three (and sparked a ball through gate 2) but missed the peg, which left the final score at 15-14 with Gilon and Adrienne the winners.

Results are available on croquetscores.

Congratulations to all competitors, particularly the six members participating in their first competition who all played very well. Congratulations to Adrienne on winning her first gateball competition and to Gilon for becoming the first member to win three straight Tavender Trophies. A history of winners is available on this website.

Bob Gingold sparking.
2007 and 2014 champion Tony Hall.
Peter Tavender hitting onto the court
New player Margo Davies sparking
Kristina Whitehead attacking a white ball
Judy Tier taking instruction before a long rushIMG_3461_31_1
Adrienne sparking
Finalists: Gilon Smith, Adrienne Fazekas, Glen Whitehead and Judy Tier

Gateball in New Zealand

Gateball is progressing in New Zealand.  There are now two clubs playing regularly, Takapuna and Orewa, both in Auckland. Wellington is now looking at starting up gateball at a couple of clubs.

We do hope to send a NZ team over for the Nationals in Australia, early September. An Australian team came over in February and the encouragement and advice they gave us was so well received.

We had two gala days, with mixed teams, and a trans-tasman competition which was won by the Australians. An annual event of the competition would be welcomed by New Zealand.

New Zealand would encourage any Australian players coming over to come and join in at either club in Auckland. They would be very welcome.

Contact numbers:
Sherrill Dennerly js@dennerly.com   Ph. 09 3769445   mob 0274179252
Maree Brierly stamaram@xtra.co.nz   Ph. 09 4108858  mob 0292971429
Robert Letcher rletcher@xtra.co.nz   Ph.09 4279211  mob.0210402747

For more information go to the Gateball NZ website.

Sherrill Dennerly
Director of Gateball NZ.

Triathlon – Newcastle National Park – Maitland – EDSACC

by Kerrie Sutherland
On Sunday March 29 Newcastle organised and hosted a “triathlon” with neighbouring clubs, Maitland and EDSACC. The intention was to promote and advance all mallet sports and to continue our friendship with our neighbouring clubs.
Six players from each club participated. They all played in a gateball team as well as splitting up into 3 doubles playing gateball, 13pt golf and 14 pt association.
The day was a great success with everyone enjoying this social event and saying what a wonderful idea. EDSACC and Maitland readily agreed to keep this going as an annual event and rotating the venue between our clubs.
Competing in the gateball doubles were John S and Bev from Newcastle, John C and Fred from Maitland and Adolphe and Jim from EDSACC. All 3 clubs won 1 game in in tightly fought battles.
The golf doubles were Helen and Judy S from Newcastle, Bev and John P from Maitland and John B and Malcolm from EDSACC. Maitland won 2 games while Newcastle won the other.
Newcastle’s Alan and Margaret competed with Trevor and Pete from Maitland and Suzie and Ian from EDSACC in the association games. Again Maitland won two and Newcastle one.
The gateball teams games saw each club win one game.
Overall the winner of the day with the most games won was Maitland. A perpetual trophy made by our late member Morton Churchward was presented by his wife Ina. Thank-you to all payers and helpers for making this day the success it was.