Gateball in New Zealand

Gateball is progressing in New Zealand.  There are now two clubs playing regularly, Takapuna and Orewa, both in Auckland. Wellington is now looking at starting up gateball at a couple of clubs.

We do hope to send a NZ team over for the Nationals in Australia, early September. An Australian team came over in February and the encouragement and advice they gave us was so well received.

We had two gala days, with mixed teams, and a trans-tasman competition which was won by the Australians. An annual event of the competition would be welcomed by New Zealand.

New Zealand would encourage any Australian players coming over to come and join in at either club in Auckland. They would be very welcome.

Contact numbers:
Sherrill Dennerly   Ph. 09 3769445   mob 0274179252
Maree Brierly   Ph. 09 4108858  mob 0292971429
Robert Letcher   Ph.09 4279211  mob.0210402747

For more information go to the Gateball NZ website.

Sherrill Dennerly
Director of Gateball NZ.

3 thoughts on “Gateball in New Zealand

  1. Hi Sherrill & Jim

    During the UK Gateball Championships at Ripon Spa, I met Keiichi Imagawa and kazumasa Nakamura who provided me your interest in Gateball in the Auckland area.
    I play croquet in Nelson and am interested in getting Gateball going there. Keiichi asked me to contact you and said that he would write to you regarding Gateball equipment that he could supply to us from Japan. I will let you know how Nelson progresses from here.
    It would be good if we could liaise from time to time and help each other to promote the sport in New Zealand.

    Kind regards
    Dennis Bulloch
    (Association Coach for AC and GC, NELSON)

  2. Hi Dennis
    Good to hear from you with regard to playing gateball. At present we have a NZ team about to play in the Australian Gateball Championships in Wynnum, Brisbane on the 5th and 6th September. We are playing gateball at the Orewa CC, the Takapuna CC, The Gateball Club, and Epsom Rem are interested in starting gateball also. We would be happy to come down to Nelson to help out, and to give you the basics of the game and any information that you may require.
    Our contact details are on the NZ website.
    Look forward to meeting up after November, we are due back on the 18th October from Australia.
    It would be wonderful to have your help re the promotion of gateball, especially in the South Island. There is a contact there in Christchurch Kathleen McDonald 03 3550511 from Barrington Pk. CC They do have a set of equipment which was donated by the Japanese and they do not use it, they may be willing for you to have it on loan for a trial period..
    Jenny Clark from United CC also showed interest. 033665854.
    Kind Regards
    Sherrill Dennerly.

  3. Hi Sherrill

    Thanks for your email and helpful comments. I return to NZ next week and will bring Gateball to the attention of our croquet committee. Hopefully we can get a start immediately. I played in the UK Championships for Switzerland and would like to think that we could have NZ teams playing in that event in future. Of course, I learned a lot, including some tactics and most of the rules.
    I’ll let you know how things progress in Nelson from time to time and discuss what we can do to liaise with Orewa and Takapuna in the near future.
    King regards

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