Triathlon – Newcastle National Park – Maitland – EDSACC

by Kerrie Sutherland
On Sunday March 29 Newcastle organised and hosted a “triathlon” with neighbouring clubs, Maitland and EDSACC. The intention was to promote and advance all mallet sports and to continue our friendship with our neighbouring clubs.
Six players from each club participated. They all played in a gateball team as well as splitting up into 3 doubles playing gateball, 13pt golf and 14 pt association.
The day was a great success with everyone enjoying this social event and saying what a wonderful idea. EDSACC and Maitland readily agreed to keep this going as an annual event and rotating the venue between our clubs.
Competing in the gateball doubles were John S and Bev from Newcastle, John C and Fred from Maitland and Adolphe and Jim from EDSACC. All 3 clubs won 1 game in in tightly fought battles.
The golf doubles were Helen and Judy S from Newcastle, Bev and John P from Maitland and John B and Malcolm from EDSACC. Maitland won 2 games while Newcastle won the other.
Newcastle’s Alan and Margaret competed with Trevor and Pete from Maitland and Suzie and Ian from EDSACC in the association games. Again Maitland won two and Newcastle one.
The gateball teams games saw each club win one game.
Overall the winner of the day with the most games won was Maitland. A perpetual trophy made by our late member Morton Churchward was presented by his wife Ina. Thank-you to all payers and helpers for making this day the success it was.

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