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Flag_of_Europe.svgGateball Australia has received the first two newsletters about the formation of the European Gateball Union. Gateball Australia has responded to welcome the Europeans to the gateball playing community. An invitation was issued to attend the 2015 Australian Gateball Championships and, more generally, to visit any clubs or competitions listed on

Hopefully, as our game spreads in Europe we will receive information about clubs and events that we might be able to visit.

The contents of the two news bulletins were as follows:

European Gateball News 1 – Luxembourg 26/03/2015

Following a decision taken by the General Assembly, the sports section Gateball of the FEDERATION EUROPE EN SPORT EUROPE was formed with the following name:

“European Gateball Union” (EGU)

Under the auspices of the Federation Europe en Sport Europe, in accordance with its Statutes and in compliance with the regulations issued by the World Gateball Union (WGU) the European Gateball Union aims to popularize, promote and develop Gateball in Europe.

Jan-Henri Draps was appointed Director General of the European Gateball Union proposed by the President of the European Federation Sport Jean Michel Teitgen. Jean-Marc Acquaviva, Executive Vice President of the Federation Europe en Sport Europe was appointed spokesman of the European Gateball Union with the World Gateball Union.

European Gateball News 2 – Luxembourg 26/03/2015


Pierre-Yves Dekerck was appointed managing director of the sports section Gateball FRANCE EUROPE FRANCE SPORT, the Presidency and managed by Michel Benamou. His arrival coincided with the arrival of Jan-Henri Draps to the direction of the sports section “EUROPEAN GATEBALL UNION (EGU) of the Federation EUROPE EN SPORT EUROPE. President of the Association Europe en Sport Nord Pas-de-Calais, Pierre-Yves Dekerck also held the office of President of Europe Sport in Belgium whose presidency was entrusted to Jan-Henri Draps end of 2014.



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