Toronto Introduce Gateball to Port Macquarie & Thanks to Maggi Williams

Introduction to Gateball On Saturday 16 July most of the 27 members present had their first encounter with gateball. Four members of the Toronto Club, Marion Davies, HelenChalmers, Ruth Mulvaney and Jenny Willsher, introduced us to the game.
Gateball is a mallet sport that is very different from the games of croquet that we know.

It is a team game that can be played by four or more players.
With two courts set up we were gradually taken through the skills and the development of the game.

After a sausage sizzle, cooked by Peter Drinkwater and Tony Earle, a 3 player team and then a five player team game was played. We really appreciate the help of the members of the Toronto club. They are also a Club Hub and, with the help of the money from Croquet NSW, we strive to improve the enjoyment and skills of our players and encourage new members to this game that we love.

We were able to buy a Gateball set and pay for Marion’s accommodation from the $5,000 that we have already received from Croquet

Thank you very much to Tim, our Club Hub coordinator, for arranging the day. At the next committee meeting we will work out our way forward with the introduction of
this game.

More pictures are available here:

Apologies to Toronto and Port Macquarie for the rather late posting of this story. A few communication glitches!
FINALLY: Thanks to Maggi Williams for all the posting she has done for us for a number of years. Maggi played in the Blue Mountains and Lithgow and when she retired from the game, she offered to keep posting stories for us. She probably did this for about 7 years! Maggi’s participation in the game will be remembered not only for her willingness to take on roles but also her encouragement and support for local disability groups. For many years, she was the driving force behind fortnightly sessions for local disability support groups. 
Thanks Maggi


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