Interstate team wins it all!

At the recent State Gateball Team Championships held at Southport Croquet Club at the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, the team from Canberra won all 8 games. There were 8 teams from Queensland all wanting to defeat this interstate team of youthful players all of whom demonstrated great skills, good tactics and a wonderful sense of sportsmanship. But to no avail! The team from Canberra was very consistent and by being undefeated were the clear winners. So the ‘Lola Whyte Gateball Memorial Trophy’ was won by the visitors.

As well, in their traditional match up game, they defeated the team from McIlwraith which ‘sprouted’ this team.  (Thanks to Beryl Holmes for this description.) It was a very good game.

The weather was excellent and the lawns were running well. It was a weekend of friendly rivalry and, most importantly, good friendships being maintained amongst all the teams. Second place went to Tamborine Mt. Raptors and 3rd place went to Blue Macs from McIlwraith.