Southport’s Annual Mallet Sports on the Broadwater

The northern end of the Gold Coast was very busy on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July. Southport held its annual Gateball Teams Event and the Gateball Doubles event on the first two days of the annual Mallet Sports on the Broadwater. There was also a huge event with a record number of entries- the Gold Coast Marathon. Just close by to where  the Gateball players were playing there were  hordes of runners and that was followed by a huge backlog of traffic waiting to get access to the roads.

With eight teams competing on Saturday, it was a busy time for players, officials and caterers. Everything ran very smoothly and the sun shone brightly. Most importantly there were many new players participating. The members of Deception Bay Gateball Club were competing at Southport in just their second tournament and were given a warm welcome. Many of the games were very close with three requiring a count back to achieve a result. The final games on Sunday morning decided the placings.

In first place was the Southport Stripes Team- one of  the three teams that represented Southport. Whilst it did welcome Bruce McAlister and Lynne Farry into its team, four of the members were Southport players- Keith McLeod, Gaye Pitman, Eunice Frater and Brian Mullins. The presentations were made by Patrick Hare from the company that sponsors the Tournament –  “Vision Michael Hare Eye Care and Optometrist”.

Winning team- Southport Stripes

Redcliffe received second prize from Patrick Hare assisted by John Turner

Deception Bay Gateball Team received 3rd prize

The top three teams- L-R is Redcliffe in second place, Southport Stripes in first place and Deception Bay in 3rd place

There were ten teams that entered in the Gateball Doubles Competition. Two blocks of five pairs played off for a place in the Finals. Block A was won by Lee Wentworth and Gaye Pitman and in second place in that Block was Julia Tai and Ethan Chiltern (13 years old). Block B was won by Glenda Windust and Robyn Brown. Coming second in Block B was  Peter Sweet and Bruce McAlister.  The Final was won by Lee and Gaye. Second place went to Glenda and Robyn and in third place was Peter and Bruce. Lee Wentworth has his name on that Trophy four times!

Finalists of the MSOB Gateball Doubles. L-R Glenda and Robyn from Caloundra, Gaye and Lee from Southport, Bruce from Ipswich and Peter from Southport.

Gaye Pitman and Lee Wentworth with Club President, John Turner.

Second place went to Robyn Brown and Glenda Windust from Caloundra MSC

Third place getters were Peter Sweet and Bruce McAlister

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