Gateball Puzzle #7

Thanks to Philip Brown from the Kew Croquet Club who submitted this puzzle based on a real situation in the 2018 Victorian Gateball Championship.

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Gateball Puzzle #6: The Better Part of Valour

The score is 8-6, Ball 1 is to play.  What should Ball 1 do in this scenario? Why?  Note that the Gate-touch of Ball 7 through Gate 3 onto Ball 9 is available.

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Gateball puzzle #1 also included information on the format of the puzzle and outlined how you can submit your own puzzle.

3 thoughts on “Gateball Puzzle #7

  1. 1 touch 5 and spark it to gate 3 as defence against 4 sending 6 to disrupt 7’s pass/touch. Then 1 to the line in front of gate 2, far enough to make it chancy for ball 2 to hit

    • I’d also send 5 to gate 3, but – since 4 will spark 6 across to gate 2 and so threaten 1 unless its very tight to the line – I’d then try and run gate 2 with 1 to near the back line so that I could shoot at 6 (and to gate 3 if I miss – if unhappy about 4 red balls at gate 3, shoot through 4 to the corner). If short after gate 2, shoot through 6 to the corner.

  2. I would touch 5 and put it into a deep position tight to the line near gate 2 (out of reach of ball 2) and then shoot at gate 2 deep. If successful I would have a long shot across the court through ball 6.

    I am fearful that 4 could reach gate 3 after ball 2 comes over to help and adding 5 to the balls at gate 3 could result in all the red balls ending up off the court.

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