Queensland Gateball Team Championship 2017

The Queensland Gateball Team Championship 2017 was played at the McIlwraith Croquet Club over the week-end of 19th and 20th August.

Sandy Ridgway, President of McIlwraith Croquet Club, welcomed guests and players to the thirteenth Queensland Gateball Team Championships over the week-end of 19th and 20th August. A first ball was successfully played through Gate One by Ali King, Community Liaison Officer for our local MP Steven Miles.

Windy but fine conditions encouraged players out into the sunshine.  McIlwraith Croquet Club lawns are in good condition ready for the National Golf Croquet Championships being held there in September.

There were 647 winning points scored in the 45 games played. Seventy players representing 18 clubs played in 10 teams over the 2 days. Two games were decided on a count-back and one game with a tie breaker shoot-out. Many games had close scores showing competition was intense.

All teams won at least 3 games with just one team winning 8 games. The “Old Macs” winning team consisted of Philip Brown from Kew in Victoria, Bruce McAlister from Ipswich CC, Helen Donaldson, Bernie Finnigan, John angus and Frances Wregg representing McIlwraith Croquet Club.

The “Old Macs” won the Queensland Teams Gateball Championship and the Lola Whyte Gateball Memorial Trophy, wresting it from the six-time winning team from Canberra. Alan Whyte, Lola’s son, presented the trophy to the “Old Macs” team.

President of Queensland Croquet Association, Valda Wintzer presented medallions to the winners and second placed team “Canberra”.

Results are available at gateballscores.

Championship play
Perfect weather as play gets underway at McIlwraith for the Queensland Gateball Teams Championship.

Canberra Team
Valda Wintzer, President of QCA, gives medals to the runners-up who came up from Canberra escaping the winter weather.

Lola Whyte Trophy presentation
Alan Whyte presents the Lola Whyte Trophy to Philip Brown who captained the winning team the “Old Macs” at McIlwraith Croquet Club.

Old Macs and Trophy
Winners of the Queensland Gateball Team Championships were the “Old Macs” who won the Lola Whyte Trophy. The team are Bruce Macalister, Philip Brown, Bernie Finnegan, John Angus, Frances Wregg and Helen Donaldson.
Frances Wregg – August 2017

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