August 2017 WGU Meeting

20170818_143615A meeting of the World Gateball Union was held in Tokyo in August 2017 primarily to review the rules. Gateball Australia was invited to attend and participate in the deliberations.

In the opening address it was stressed that the rules of gateball need to be easily understood so that it is simple for beginners to start playing but that the game should still provide a challenge for those who are highly skilled. Improving the image of the game, simplifying decisions for referees and reducing the number of fouls were seen as components of this general direction.

A fascinating issue that the game has to deal with is the phenomenal size of the game in China. Growing skills and standards in that country have encouraged the CGA to adapt the rules for internal competition. Zhang Na, the Chinese Secretary General constantly reiterated that, although variations to the rules were used in China, it was understood that in international competition the WGU rules would be followed.

Topics that were discussed included: coloured balls, shapes of mallet heads, hats, the resolution of tied games, consideration of balls on gate lines, gate touches and touch gates, indicating the start of games, laser pointers, how the rules are set out, fouls at start stroking, movement of balls after a spark, gateball for the disabled, the 12th WGU championships in Brazil 2018 and the Kansai World Masters Games 2021.

A more definitive report to Australian gateballers will be possible once the official outcomes of the meeting are issued by the WGU.

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  1. Hi John, Thank you for this email. I am a member of the Epping Club.
    Have started back to Gateball and enjoying it. YES, would appreciate any information on Gateball and as to where games will be played next.
    Kind regards. Leila

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