Prince Chaudhary – Indian Gateballer

Prince Chaudhary, an Indian Gateballer, tried to bring a team to the 2019 Australian Gateball Championships. Unfortunately, the visas did not arrive in time and the team did not make it. We have kept in touch, and, recently, when invited, he agreed to share his Gateball story with us.

My name is  Prince Chaudhary and I am 29 years old. I come from Himachal Pradesh, a state in Northern India.

I started playing Gateball in 2007 in the  state of Orissa. My coaches’ names were Dr Suman Shankar Tiwari, Manoranjan Mishra & Biswaranjan Mishra. They taught  me how to play Gateball in  the city  of Chandigarh and in Orrisa, I’d spent my 2 weeks in every month learning Gateball.

Game promoted in Utter Pradesh with my Coach Manoranjan Mishra

One day I was selected for my first international tournament in Hong Kong.  At that time time I was in 10th standard (last year of school in India.) Unfortunately, my parents and my teachers were reluctant to allow me to participate in international travel because I missed my final exams and failed my exams. 

At that time, I was the only person from the northern area who was going to play in Hong Kong. I had never been that far from my hometown before. That was the first time for me.

(On arrival) I was excited to see overseas players and how they played Gateball. I learned many techniques from overseas players and later explained these to my team mates in India. After this, I started to promote Gateball in different cities in my state and in other states also. We established a team in every state in Northern India. I spent  4 years promoting Gateball in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana Jammu & Kashmir and my state too. I was working alone without financial support.

I organised two national tournaments in my state. I made some mistakes when I organised my first tournaments  but slowly, slowly I learned everything about how to organise tournaments. After some time i got some financial problems to play tournaments because no-one sponsors our tournaments and that time i was a student. It’s very difficult for a student to organise two national tournaments without sponsorship or any support.

Playing in Kallinga stadium

National tournament which I organised

It is a challenge to play in international tournaments without any sponsor but my parents always supported me. After Hong Kong, I played in Macao, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and other countries. 

With Japanese team mates

I remember my father said to me, ” Don’t worry, one day your game will enter in the Olympics. He  always helped me to play international tournaments and organise tournaments. Sadly,  he has now passed away. Because of financial problems in my home I am going to Singapore for work and now I am working in Singapore from last 5 years. 

Every weekend I am going to play Gateball in Singapore with Mr Kho Sing Tjai and Mr James Wong Fook Meng and Mr Fujimoto Yoshihiro.  

The first time I won  a gold medal in Thailand, it was a memorable day in my life. 

National Gateball Tournament in Orrisa

15 thoughts on “Prince Chaudhary – Indian Gateballer

  1. That news item shows how one young person can be an inspiration to so many other young players in northern India. Working in Singapore has certainly provided Prince Chaudhary with invaluable experience and helped him move forward into the winner’s mindset in a formidable competition. I hope you can visit Australia and join in with one of the competitions we have – especially the 2021 Australian Gateball Championship in September at the Gold Coast.

  2. Don’t worry I PRINCE choudhury….keep it up .i am also belong to northern India from Haryana kurukshetra. I loved gateball and playing gateball last 10 years. I visit Indonesia to take part in gateball ball championships in Tomhom. And I visit Orisa every year. Unfortunately due to CORONA it is not possible this year. So keep it up and playing gateball.

    • Hi Surinder singh.
      Thanks for comment
      I am also permote gateball in many cities of haryana and University of Yamuna nagar, ambala your city also.
      I Allready posted one picture from your state.
      Unfortunately I’ll never meet you from last 14 years of my gateball journey. But i want to meet you in our future tournaments.

  3. Hello to Prince Chaudhary, to Surinder Singh, to Zahid Ali. Thank you for your comments and stories from your countries. It is wonderful to know that you are reading our Gateball news and wishing to give us very interesting stories about your own experiences with Gateball. We all share a common love for playing the game of Gateball.

  4. Thanks Mr Barbara.
    We are gateball lovers and can do anything for gateball. If India have cricket lovers then India and Pakistan have gateball die hard players.

    • Australia and India are playing each other in a test series in cricket right now. One game each. Sydney is where they play the next test. Whatever sport we play, it is always good to play people from other countries. We have been to the UK, Macao, China, South Korea and to Brazil to play in Gateball Championships. My husband and I are retired so we can travel to play. So, I hope people can come to the Gold Coast in Australia to play Gateball in September if the Covid 19 virus is not a problem.

      • Yes dear
        I also try to come Australia tournament last year but unfortunately visas not come becouse we dont have sponsorship and i lost my money to agent. But its difficult to other countries players to come and participate in Australia because not every player got enough money or enough sponsors to play.
        But i think gateball needs young generation and more experts to permote in all over world.
        But its possible when someone get sponsored.

  5. A big struggle by our Coach Mr Prince. He gives a precious time for gateball Without any support.
    I hope one day we will see our gateball in olympics.
    Thanks gateball lover.

  6. Hi to all
    Well in india have many games but
    What is the passion in gateball it’s awesome.
    Because of Mr Prince sir we know about gateball. He is doing a perfact for gateball
    Cheers 🍻 for Mr Prince..

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