Gateball comes to Twin City

In hot humid conditions Judy Tier (State Director, NSW Gateball) and Andrew Davies (Canberra Croquet Club Gateball Referee) spent Wednesday 16 December 2020 introducing ten Twin City and Yarrawonga Croquet Club members to Gateball at the Twin City Courts.

Gateball terminology such as sparking, slide touch, bombarding, touch tight to the line are no longer a mystery and we all realise that just because the balls are smaller and the ‘sticks’ (mallets) are lighter doesn’t mean it is an easier game than any of the croquet codes we are more familiar with.

Thank you to all who attended and Twin City will revamp its playing schedule to include a session of Gateball once a fortnight from January 2021 onwards.

Sarina Cevaal-Hewitt
Twin City Croquet Club

Andrew Davies and I have just returned from coaching 10 so very keen potential gateballers in Albury. Thanks Philip for coaching Cheryl so well. We are suggesting the Captain and there are at least 6 players who would not embarrass themselves in a tournament. They have plans to attend the Nationals and I have suggested perhaps Victoria and NSW States first.

I planned a 5 hour day of exercises, instruction and we played 3 games – untimed and timed and refereed. My 4 page handout includes a page of YouTube videos and a page of practice drills for personal use and pre-game preparation. If anyone wants these I am happy to share.

Sarina at Twin Cities had prepared the group extremely well – most had watched many YouTube videos, checked out the Australia Gateball site and came to the coaching with knowledge of the court, game order, some rules and various slide/bombard and gate touch knowledge. What a joy to coach them.

Judy Tier
State Director, NSW Gateball

2 thoughts on “Gateball comes to Twin City

  1. Wonderful to see more and more southern states players learning the skills and techniques of Gateball . It is a wonderful game . I didn’t start playing until I was in advanced years, but I have been playing for about 20 years and still thoroughly enjoy it.
    Greg Featherstone.

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