More Referees Now Qualified

At the recent QLD Gateball Teams and Doubles Championships held at Caloundra Mallet Sports Club from 15-17th August there was one person who was particularly busy. It was Margaret Barnard, the State Director of Gateball Referees. Three players had qualified in their Theory Examination for Level 2 Referee Badge in 2019 but had not had the opportunity to be assessed on their practical knowledge. Margaret was able to conduct their assessments and provide feedback to them. Congratulations must go to Cheryl Kele, (Rockhampton MSC), Max Stringer (Pine Rivers CC) and Brian Mullins (Southport CC) on obtaining your Level 2 Referee badge!

Brian Mullins, Cheryl Kele and Max Stringer are now Level 2 Referees

There were two players who wished to be assessed for their Level 1 Referee qualifications having already qualified for their Level 2 Referee badge two years ago. Ros Crowe and Keith Chur-Hansen, both from Pine Rivers CC, successfully passed their Theory and their Practical tests. Here they are proudly displaying their updated badges.

Keith Chur-Hansen and Ros Crowe receive Level 1 Referee Qualifications

There was one other person who obtained Level 2 Qualifications. It was Andrew Davies from Canberra who had arrived in QLD a few weeks early for the Championship and used his time to prepare for his exams. Congratulations Andrew! Thanks for participating, along with Margo, despite your team from Canberra being unable to cross the border which was closed because of the Covid 19  pandemic.

Andrew Davies with his Level 2 Referee Badge

Thank you Margaret for your good effort in carrying out these assessments on behalf of Gateball Australia, CAQ and ACA. There were 5 others who sat for and passed their Level 2 Theory Exams. Their Practical Assessments will be held in the future.

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