Identification of Officials in a Gateball Game

Most teams do not have any means of identifying the Officials during a Gateball game. Overseas suppliers do have arm bands in English but few clubs have purchased them. John Park who is the Australian Co-ordinator of Gateball Australia has organised the colour coded armbands and the identification label on cardboard. Used for the first time in QLD at the McIlwraith Gateball Challenge 3-31st March, most of the players were able to wear the adjustable armbands. They do need altering to cater for the different arm sizes, but, most of the players could manage that.

The armbands

Southport Players wearing the armbands

Thanks John for this initiative. There are 6 sets for use at QLD Competitions. Captain armbands are not worn by many Captains in QLD Clubs so perhaps these could be next?

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  1. Thanks Barbara. GB rules require these but they have not been regularly worn in Australia. ACA funding allowed the purchase of a set of these for each state. Please note there are armbands for linespeople too. They are part of the refereeing team and can assist the referees by making calls – means less moving about for the refs too! Maybe clubs can organise captains armbands? The I D card holder for the referee sets were ordered through Ebay and are easily available. If any club does this, please choose different colours from the referee sets! Clubs are of course welcome to make their own sets for refereeing but please use the same colour armbands as the sets sent to your state. The template for the roles can be sent and will eventually be posted as a downloadable link on the website.

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