An interesting puzzle from recent Thailand Gateball Doubles Championship

The recent Thailand Gateball Championships were attended by many teams from overseas- two teams even travelled from Europe. Friends of ours from Japan- Keiichi Imagawa and Satoshi Kamijo- enjoyed their experience and were place getters.

One thing puzzled me was in the photos of Satoshi wearing bibs with letters on them. I asked him about this and Satoshi’s reply is worth noting.” This tournament is worth visiting. They use letters marked ‘A’ to ‘D’ bibs in doubles. A and C players are on the same team and B and D on the other side. The stroking order is circular. Player A plays balls 1, 5 and 9 and Player B plays 2,6 and 10 in the first turn. C for 3 and 7 and D for 4 and 8. In the second turn A and C switch their roles”.

Bibs with the letters A, B, C and D are visible. Satoshi is wearing A.

We all know how it can be confusing in a Doubles Championship as to who plays next- particularly when refereeing- so this use of letters on the bibs would seem to be very helpful. Judging from reports from Keiichi and Satoshi, the whole competitions was colourful, competitive but so friendly. Sightseeing around the area of Pattaya was especially popular.

So, perhaps if you planning a trip next year and Thailand is in the mix of your tourist destination, consider forming a composite Aussie team. Everyone knows how friendly a country Thailand is. Contact for more details.

Another game with Satoshi playing in the game and wearing bib A


2 thoughts on “An interesting puzzle from recent Thailand Gateball Doubles Championship

  1. I would like to fully endorse Barbara’s comments with regard to the Thai Championships which, as always, was played in a great atmosphere of friendliness and sportsmanship.
    This was my fourth participation in the Team Event, playing again under the name of ‘Gateball Friends’, but the first in which I also played in the Doubles event with my daughter, Nina.
    In one of our Doubles games I ran gate 2, when suddenly the referee called a foul, saying I had played ‘out of turn’, much to the surprise of all 4 players.
    The referee believed that Nina should have played my shot, and yet all 4 players agreed that Nina had played the shot before for us.
    Following long discussion with the Tournament referee I was awarded the gate and continued to play.
    So my question is …… IF it is found that the A,B,C,D sequence is no longer being followed for some reason, at which point is a foul called and how far do you go back to correct it?
    A follow up question ……. If the next ball to play for A in sequence should be out for Agari, say 7, should A or C then play 9 ?

    See you THERE next year, Dave

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