5 days to go – Southport

IMG_1553 days to go

Southport Gateball Team


Back Row – Christopher Wentworth, Jim Northcott, Lee Wentworth, Amanda Wentworth
Front Row – Beryl Phillips, Barbara Northcott, Julia Vickers
Insert photo – Gaye Pitman, Captain of QLD Golf Croquet Team who was unable to be there for the photo because of the training for Golf Croquet one week before playing in Adelaide.

Experiences – Australia
Southport has participated in every Australian Gateball Championship and every QLD Championship since 2007.

Experiences – Overseas
Southport participated in the 10th World Gateball Championship in 2010 in Shanghai where it won one game out of the three in its Block.

Southport competed in the  Asian Cities Gateball Games in Macau in October, 2012 where once again it won one game out of three in its Block. After that, the team travelled to Japan to play friendly games against teams from Matsumoto, Nagoya, Toyota and Adachi.

Training Times
Tuesday afternoons from 4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. and closer to the competition, every 2nd afternoon.

The team looks forward to:
(1) Meeting up with players from the teams we have played against before such as the Brazilian Team from Toyota, and The Friends Team from Kyushu and those players from Hong Kong, Bali and China that we have met before.
(2) New developments in the world of Gateball and in the game strategies of other teams.
(3) Japanese food and hospitality

The biggest challenge will be:
Adapting to the court surface after practicing on a variety of surfaces here in QLD.

Secret Weapon
If we tell you, it is not a secret!

Australia’s participation in the 2014 World Gateball Championship has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation.

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