2019 Rules and Guide for Referees Changes

A brief summary of the minimal changes are available here. All International, Level 1 referees and State Coordinators have a more detailed version of the changes and can clarify any questions you may have. No doubt explanations will be forthcoming at future events.

Hard copies of the new rule books will be forwarded by the WGU to the Gateball Australia National Coordinator when they are prepared. All current referees and Gateball playing clubs will receive a copy.

Volunteers are adjusting the Level 1 and 2 exams and states informed when these changes are completed.

Please also note that a Q&A facility has been added to this website. Go to About Gateball/Officiating, Rules and Refereeing/ then select “Click here for the Q&A forum.” You can reply to one of the posts already on the page or post a new question in the Leave a Reply Box which starts a new thread. Remember when you post a question to tick the boxes below to make sure you know when your question is answered.

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