Southport Croquet Club’s Gateball Triples Competition

On Sunday 28th April Southport Croquet Club hosted its annual Gateball Triples Competition. This competition began in 2012 when Southport CC initiated the first ever Triples Competition in Australia. Growing in popularity, this version of Gateball enables more strokes being played by players who may be playing two numbered balls in the correct sequence eg. 1 and 7 or 2 and 6; 3 and 9 or 4 and 10. One person will play #5 and the opponent will play #6.

Triples Competitors

There were very close games and plenty of excitement right up until the final ball was played. One example was Margaret Fitzgerald’s final ball that passed successfully through gate 2 and was stroked across court to touch a ball close to gate 3. She then sparked that off the court and touched another ball closer to gate 3 and sparked it off. On a winning streak, she scored a Gate & Touch on Gate 3 and ended up using her two turns to gain an agari to win the game on a countback. That was a play to remember!

The winning team was called “The Wrong Team” with the team members being Ethan Chilton, his mother Julia Tai, and Jim Northcott who is an octagenarion. A three generational team indeed! The presentations were made by David Housden who is the President of Southport Croquet Club. Second place went to “The Invincibles” comprising a husband and wife duo- Lee and Amanda Wentworth- and Gaye Pitman. A team from Broadbeach Croquet Club came third.

“The Wrong Team” L-R Jim Northcott, Julia Tai and Ethan Chilton with David Housden
“The Invincibles” Lee and Amanda Wentworth with Gaye Pitman and David Housden

The beautiful, autumn weather at the Gold Coast combined with the excellent food was conducive to the very active atmosphere on the day. There was a player from Bribie Island and one from New Zealand along with several others for whom this was their first ever Triples competition or their first ever Gateball competition. Visitors and potential players also came along to watch the games. Thanks to all the members of Southport CC for their very good planning and preparation of courts.

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