Woodville welcomes interstate visitors

img_18091st December 2016
From John and Beryl Turner, Southport Croquet Club, Qld.

We are currently holidaying in South Australia visiting family. While here, we have taken the opportunity to take up Geoff and Trish’s request for gateballers to come and play with them at Woodville Croquet Club.

We spent last Sunday from 11.30 to 6.30 playing Gateball doubles with a short break for a BBQ lunch. Needless to say, we slept well that night. We had some great games and were very impressed with their enthusiasm, standard of play, competitiveness, and Geoff’s captaining strategies.

We took my sister, Wendy and hubby, Kym on Tuesday evening to join in. They enjoyed it playing both gateball and golf croquet. We had quite a crowd with regulars, Trish, Geoff and Ben and, from Hyde Park Croquet Club, Barry, Barry and Graeme, who attended John Park’s Gateball sessions in Adelaide.

We all enjoyed some very competitive games played with a great sense of fun and camaraderie.

If any Gateballers are heading to Adelaide, Geoff and Trish would love you to visit Woodville Croquet Club and play Gateball with their players to help develop their skills and competitiveness. We can guarantee you will have great games and be warmly welcomed.




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  1. Good news to hear the work being done at Woodville, look forward to meeting a team of Gateball players from SA at some Gateball competitions in the near future.

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