Wodonga to host 2023 Australian Gateball Championships

Gateball Australia has confirmed that the 2023 Australian Gateball Championships will be held in the regional Victorian city of Wodonga. Wodonga Croquet Club located at the Wodonga Tennis Centre will host the event.

Twin City Croquet Club in Albury, NSW was originally chosen to welcome the country’s Gateball players from the 7th to 10th September, but with several international teams expressing interest in attending the event, it was decided to move to the larger facilities at Wodonga. Part of the NSW Gateball Championships were held at Wodonga in September 2022 so it is a familiar venue for Gateball players.

Gateball Australia is grateful for the support of the Wodonga Tennis Centre and the willingness of the Wodonga Croquet Club to take on the hosting of this event. This year, the Australian Gateball Championships have been extended to a four day tournament, and will deliver both a Doubles and a Team event. 

The last Australian Gateball Championships, held at the Gold Coast in April 2021, were delayed by several months due to COVID restrictions but still attracted Australian teams from four states. This year, the opportunity to welcome back international teams after a break of several years, is an exciting prospect for local Gateball players.

The event is open to spectators to come and watch the best in the country compete. You can find out more about Gateball at the Gateball Australia website at https://gateball.com.au/ or by emailing info@gateball.com.au.



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