What happened next?

Geoff Crook has devised this sneaky scenario for your consideration. Let us have your answers in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below. We’ll publish the answer in about a week’s time.

When I was a lad there was a long-running quiz show on TV called “A Question of Sport”.  One of the rounds was the “What happened next” round where a video would be played and the contestants would guess, believe it or not, what happened next?

So, I thought I would expand on the scenario concept and ask not only what would you do as Red 5 in the scenario below, but also ask “What happened next” in the video which shows what I actually did………

Here’s what I did, and question 2 is “What happened next?”

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  1. Red is comfortably ahead with 5 minutes to go, so I would have put 1 to Gate 3 to take out 2 & 4, and 7 to 8 & 10 (6 is an outball, so safe). 5 can then give 3 a bridge out – and 3 can send 5 to wherever 6 goes or regain control of Gate 2. 7 gives 9 a bridge out after it cleans up 8 & 10.

    I have no idea what happened next – 5 missing 8? Hit 8 and sparking it put 7 out? Sparked 8 out OK but accidentally hit 7 when trying to bridge it to 2? I do like the sound track! peter

  2. I haven’t watched the video yet.

    I would do the following.

    5 touches 7, sends 7 to 8.
    5 touches 1, sends 1 to bridge between 10 and Goal Pole. (Allowing7 to go 8, 10, 1, Pole.)
    5 makes the long distance attempt to finish near 9, touching 9 if possible. 9 to gate 3 if successful.

    7 touches 8, 10 sends them out. Touches 1, and sends to gate 3, 7 finishes. 9 sends 5 to gate 3, then goes to gate 3 itself.

    Ball 1 puts 5 and 9 through gate 3, then has a kamikaze attempt at Ball 4.

    I’ll edit after I watch the video…

    • It’s funny i came to the same conclusion as Philip in terms of what to do. Although I would have also considered putting ball 1 with ball 9 so that it could have a better angel to spark the 1 ball closer towards the enemy white balls at gate 3.

    • Thanks John. The video was first and the main idea was the what happened next. The scenario came about mainly to show all the ball positions.

      [confession time – I stuffed up the ball positions in the scenario – Ball 6 was actually an in ball on line 1 level with gate 2 and balls 3 and 9 were swapped. This explains why Ball 5 went after 8 and 10 and put 7 to gate 3 to get Ball 2. In the game Ball 6 made Gate 2 and narrowly missed a touch on Ball 1]
      I still think the scenario is a good illustration of the various options a captain has – Peter’s solution still allows Ball 1 to make Gate 2 but the shots are harder. Philip makes certain of the 2 points for Ball 7.

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