Toowoomba’s Gateball Tournament 2nd-4th October, 2021

With our Gateball Tournament only being 2 weeks after the State Titles
we were not sure what to expect and with the virus around we were
nervously watching the news to see if there was to be any lock downs
which could affect our tournament.

With 8 teams and 10 doubles entrants we were able to spread it over 3
days without any rush between games. Our lawns were not as good as we
hoped because when we had them done at in December last year a massive
storm came shortly after and washed all the top dressing away.

There were 3 teams that won 6 games but Toowoomba won on a count back.
Southport Red came second and Rockhampton third.

Toowoomba was placed 1st on the countback.

The Southport Red Team came 2nd.

The Newbies from Southport ( Donna and Robert Nicholson) won the Doubles Competition with Cheryl and Steve Kele from Rockhampton coming 2nd after a shoot out.

Donna and Robert Nicholson from Southport won the Gateball Doubles Competition

Frank Harding presented the prizes for the teams. He was 98 on the 2nd October and still an active member of our club. Even though he is unable to play. It was great to see everybody so relaxed.

Sandra Reynolds

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