Tavender Trophy

On Sunday October 25,  Peter Tavender presented his trophy to the winning pair in this annual high/low event.
Winners were newcomer Pamela Hunt and Captain Peter Freer. In a hard fought final they beat another newcomer Helen Druett and Captain Glen Whitehead 11 – 7.
The day was rather wintry but clear and the 8 doubles pairs played some very close games with each pair in the 2 blocks winning matches.
After a night of rain the lawns were very soggy which made sparking an extra challenge. We were all rather pleased that we were not conducting the Canberra Triples this weekend.
Judy Tier
Canberra Croquet Club

4 thoughts on “Tavender Trophy

  1. It looks like Peter has not lost any of his capabilities and expertise since we played together in Canberra many years ago. Regards.
    Greg Featherstone

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