Tavender Trophy Report – Canberra Croquet Club

It was a fitting result to have our two newest gateball recruits share Runners Up and Winning positions in the Sunday November 21 Tavender Trophy Annual High/Low Doubles event.

Margaret Richardson and Glen Whitehead gave a very clinical display of skill and strategy to win the final 19 points to 9 over Ralph Richardson and Judy Tier. With Glen’s accurate bombards the opposing team quickly realised it was pretty difficult to score points with their few white balls on the court.

30 to 50 millimetres of rain and storms were forecast for the weekend and a postponement loomed. Fortunately this weather moved north and with 3 courts in play we completed our games in a morning of dry and cloudy conditions.

Thank you Susie Linge and Gabby Walsh for so masterly managing scoreboards and Peter Tavender, the trophy donor, for presenting the trophy to the winners.

Results can be viewed here

Judy Tier, Canberra Croquet Club

Winners: Margaret Richardson and Glen Whitehead with Calvin & Liam and Peter Tavender

Runners Up: Ralph Richardson and Judy Tier

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