Gateball – the 20/20 of mallet sports

Recently on “Thank God You’re Here” on Channel 10, Hamish Blake, introduced people to the futuristic Big Bash Croquet. The uniforms were fantastic and the Golden Mallet sensational. But what is truly amazing is that a 20/20 style mallet sport really exists!

Gateball is a mallet sport, which uses smaller, lighter metal mallets. The games are short, at 30 minutes, perfect for after school or after work activities. Each turn must be played in 10 seconds, keeping the game moving. Gateball as a team sport, has matching uniforms and while not as short as demonstrated on “Thank God You’re Here” are  as varied and colourful as the teams that wear them.

Gateball is played in teams of 5 and the age of participants varies from 6 to 96. Men, woman and children of all ages can play in the team together.

The best news is that the Australian Gateball Championships are being held next week at the Wodonga Tennis Centre from the 7th to 10th September. Players from around Australia, Japan and India are coming together to play in a Doubles and then Team event. Spectators are welcome to come and see Gateball being played. We hope that Hamish and the crew from “Thank God You’re Here” also come to watch a few games!

Ros Crowe – National Coordinator – Gateball Australia