Suzuki Cup

At the Southport’s MSOB Gateball Competition it was announced by Bruce McAlister, Manager of the Suzuki Cup, that the winning team for 2021 was the Southport Red. This Trophy is for the most consistent team for the whole of the year and it honours the founder of Gateball – Mr Eiji Suzuki.

Southport Red did have a very good year because it won the State Championships along with several other Competitions. It also was placed 2nd in the Australian Gateball Team Championships in April of this year.

 Southport has won the Suzuki Cup for the 6th year. Not all of the regular team members were able to be there for the presentation. Ethan Chilton, Barrie and Margaret Barnard could not attend. But, it was a very happy time indeed for those participated in the MSOB since the team won that event as well.

Southport Red team- L-R Peter Sweet, Lee Wentworth (C.), Kathie Grant and Gaye Pitman

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