Southport Croquet Club’s Annual MSOB Gateball Teams and Doubles Competition

It was really wonderful to be able to welcome back to Southport CC the Gateball players from QLD to compete in our annual Mallet Sports on the Broadwater. Since 2007 this event has been held late in June during the first weekend of the school holidays. Understandably, it was not held in 2020 because of the Covid pandemic. So with 10 Gateball teams attending followed by 14 Gateball Doubles teams, it was a welcome return to this popular competition at the Gold Coast.

Preparations were made to cope with the weather forecast of heavy rain that was predicted for the Saturday. That rainfall was not heavy and it did not halt any of the games, thankfully. The marquees that were brought in and erected by our committed club members were indeed useful. By the end of Saturday every team had enjoyed a win in at least one game. Since there were some players in many of the teams that were new to Gateball Competitions, it is always promising for them if the team achieves some wins.

Gateball group receives information from CAQ Director of Gateball Refereeing- Margaret Barnard

By lunchtime on Sunday there was one team on top of the ladder. Congratulations to Toowoomba for securing 1st place. Second place was taken by Caloundra. In 3rd place was McIlwraith. The presentations were made by Jonathon McCorriston who is one of the partners of the Company that sponsors the Gateball Teams Competition – Vision Michael Hare Eyecare Plus.

The team from Toowoomba receives the Gateball Teams Shield,  their medals and prize money from Jonathon McCorriston

The Caloundra Team came second.

After lunch on Sunday the Gateball Doubles competition began and di not conclude until mid afternoon on Monday. There were two blocks of 7 teams. It was very good to have supporters stay to assist in the scoring for the games. After the Round Robin was completed  there were the Finals. The top team of Block A,  Macroc (Steve and Chris Kele), played the top team from Block B, JillSan (Jill  Gwynne and Sandra Reynolds) to determine 1st and 2nd place.

The second placed  team in Block A, The Blues ( Julia Tai and Kerry Lamerton), played the second placed team in Block B, L&E ( Lee Wentworth and Ethan Chilton). The winning pair was L&E who claimed 3rd prize. Making the presentation was Lesley Shepherd from Select World Travel and Cruises who is a Club Sponsor.

The Gateball Doubles Finalists with Lesley Shepherd- a Club Sponsor

Macroc won the Gateball Doubles Final. Here Chris and Steve Kele display the Shield along with Lesley Shepherd. 

In 2nd place was Jill Gwynne and Sandra Reynolds.

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