QLD Gateball Club Championship -2019

 The presentation of 2019 Gateball Club Championship [Suzuki Cup] to the most consistent team of 2019, based on results from all Gateball team events conducted during 2019 was scheduled to occur at the first Gateball team event of 2020 at McIlwraith in April. However, the presentation did not proceed due to the restrictions imposed by Government because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event at McIllwraith was cancelled. 

The Gateball Club Championship Committee decided that the presentation of the trophy would be postponed and be conducted at the State Gateball Team Championship event being conducted in August 2020 at Caloundra. Unfortunately, however, due to the restrictions now imposed at this event, a decision has been made that the presentation of the Gateball Club Championship Trophy to the most consistent team of 2019 will not be happening in 2020. 

The name of the most consistent team of 2019 will be engraved on the Gateball Club Championship Trophy. 

The most consistent team for 2019 was a team from the Southport Croquet Club, named ‘Southport Red’, congratulations to all the members of Southport Red and to Southport Croquet Club for fielding at times three teams at some of the Gateball events. 

Southport Red Team
Taken in 2019 when this Southport Red team won the Suzuki Cup for the 2018.

Attached is a copy of a table that lists all the teams that participated and their placings for 2019. I encourage team members in particular their captains to review and analyse the information in particular the “Gates For” and “Gates Against” with the view on what needs to be addressed with your strategies/tactics to improve your teams’ performance. 


Players from 11 different Clubs were involved for 21 teams that participated during 2019, five teams met the criteria of being eligible to be considered as the most consistent team. Three teams participated three times in 2019. Two teams played in Gateball events twice during 2019, and eleven teams played once during 2019. 

As there has been insufficient Gateball team events during 2020 there will not be a most consistent team announcement for 2020. Hopefully Gateball events will resume in 2021, as life returns to normality or as close to it as we are used to. 

Bruce McAlister 

Manager Gateball Club Championship 

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