Q&A 2015 Rules

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The latest version of the Gateball Q&A, published by the World Gateball Union has arrived. Let your State Director/Chair/Coordinator know if you would like a copy.

Priority will be given to accredited referees, those who have currently indicated they wish to do the referee examinations and to ensure that a copy of the book will be held at each club playing gateball.

Please remember that an electronic copy will appear at some time on the WGU website. Downloading to your phone, ebook reader or tablet is a great way to obtain a copy.

For those who have not seen this booklet before, it is published to try to make the rules a bit clearer. It is written in a Question and Answer format with references to the rule book as well.

Reading a copy of the book would certainly rate as an activity that could be listed on “Gateball Referee Reaccreditation”  cards.

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