Peter Sweet from Southport Claims a Gateball Record

At the recent Caloundra Gateball event, Peter Sweet of the Southport Red Team achieved a remarkable first for Gateball in Australia.  In a practice session, Peter took just the minimum 4 strokes from the Start Area to Agari!

Since the start of Gateball in Australia in 1996, I have been offering a bottle of French Champagne to the first person to achieve a 4 stroke Start Area to Agari.  Now Peter has claimed both the Champagne and the honour of the achievement. Peter said that the superb condition of the Caloundra courts contributed to his success.

Peter received his award and the Champagne at the regular Tuesday twilight Gateball session at the Southport Croquet Club.

Keith McLeod

28 November 2018

5 thoughts on “Peter Sweet from Southport Claims a Gateball Record

  1. When l was playing in a game in Toowoomba l went through the 3 gates in three turns and l did not try for Agari as it was part of a game and l was number 1 player at the start of a game. Great effort Peter.

  2. I remember a similar situation. Had hugged line 2 with ball 1. Came through gate 2 with the second turn. Two white balls behind gate 3 were too muçh of a temptation so had a go and scored that. Sparked out one white ball and then got too cocky. The other white ball was just in front and I thought I could slide off it and take out the pivot ball white had set behind gate 1. Trouble was my ball jumped and hit the goal pole! This was only the second round and the following team gradually overtook us by fully exploiting the use of 10 and 2 as successive balls.

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