Mallet Sports on the Broadwater at Southport, 2015

All the 2015 gateball teams

All the 2015 gateball teams


The number of entries for all events at the annual Mallet Sports On The Broadwater was an increase on last year. Gateball was no exception. Fine weather and mild temperatures greeted the players competing in the Gateball Teams event for the first two days – Saturday and Sunday.  Plenty of socialisation was possible and many players took the time to enjoy a meal together on Saturday night at a local hotel.

All the games were on time but it was decided to delay the game scheduled for late on Saturday until the Sunday morning because of the failing light. Southport Red was undefeated after 5 rounds. Southport White had lost just one game but was keen to defeat Southport Red in the last game before lunch on Sunday to determine first place. However, the Red team, captained by Chris Wentworth, prevailed. It was a great effort for Southport to take the first two places because when you are hosting an event the players often have to be organisers as well. Eildon came third with young Myra trying her hand at captaining the team.


Three teams had to withdraw at the last moment so the numbers were down when the competition began.  There were some very close games and it was terrific to see new combinations. A really good showing came from Paul Reynolds from Toowoomba who was playing with Mimi Barbey from Tamborine Mt. Their efforts resulted in a defeat to more fancied doubles teams.

By the last game of the competition Barbara and Jim Northcott were undefeated and due to play team mates Lee and Chris Wentworth. There was a very good display of doubles play by Chris and his Dad, Lee, to win the Doubles competition for the second year in a row. Third place went to Keith McLeod and Bruce McAlister.

Congratulations to all Gateball Teams and Doubles Groups for their fine sportsmanship and spirit of friendship.

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