Junior Players at Ipswich Gateball Challenge

At the Ipswich Gateball Challenge 1-2 June 2019 there were five Junior Players. This increase in junior players is a very welcome development. With good coaching to develop the mastery of the many skills in Gateball and the careful nurturing of potential in the tactical aspects of the game, QLD will improve in its performance against all teams- local and international.

Five Junior Players- L-R Ethan (Southport) Lucas (Redcliffe), Crystal, Angealiqa (Deception Bay) and Grayce (Pine Rivers)

1 thought on “Junior Players at Ipswich Gateball Challenge

  1. The youngsters did well and persisted all weekend even when they could not get through the dreaded ‘gate 1’.
    it is up to us all to keep encouraging them!

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