Jamberoo Gateball Linemarking System

lines 1lines 2Linemarking is a time consuming necessity for gateball and at Jamberoo CC gateballers wanted to make it a simpler and quicker process. An old linemarker designed for using small pressure pack cans was found in our equipment shed. It was destined for the dump. A rescue mission was put into place by Manuel Gutierrez. Manuel likes to fiddle. And so he began, firstly modifying the machine and then adding an electric spray gun. The result MG #1

Now to make the lines straight and run parallel to the white croquet lines an acquisition of a conveyer belt was made (free via Gumtree)

Now the process goes like this. (For a printable version of the instructions, click here)

Roll out the conveyor belt

Run marker along belt whilst spraying

Remove the belt and reveal perfectly straight lines with great coverage

Add the final touches

by Manuel and Glenda Gutierrez

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