Is this a record?

At the Caloundra Masters and Apprentices Gateball Teams Competition held Sunday 15th- Monday 16th November one of the games resulted in a draw after the normal 30 minutes game. The team called Sparks ( Lynne and Coral from Rockhampton) was playing against the team called Blue Crew ( Robyn and Kath from Capricorn Coast).

The Shoot Out was conducted and both teams scored a 100% success rate of balls passing through Gate 1. So began the sudden death round. It took until the 3rd round of sudden death that a result was obtained. It was not until #8 ball did not pass through Gate 1 that there was a result. So the Sparks Doubles team won the marathon shoot out.

L-R Sparks Team from Rockhampton (Coral and Lynne) and Blue Crew from Capricorn Coast (Kath and Robyn) in front of the scoreboard and balls at Caloundra Mallet Sports Club.

Has any other game of Gateball that you know of has required 4 rounds to obtain a winning team? We all think this is a record. As the Referee, I was getting so concerned with the delay in the schedule. These players were ‘in the zone’ and very focused. Congratulations to both pairs of Doubles on your wonderful spirit of friendship in this game and throughout the competition.

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