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There was a need for an information sheet about Gateball to be distributed at the recent CAQ Coaches Conference on 21st July, 2018 at Windsor CC. I collated information available from several pamphlets and placed them in a doubled -sided format on a sheet of A3 thick paper. It was very easy to read and the best size for visibility. However, I have now shrunk it to an A4 size which suits most printers. It is hoped that this could be of use to coaches / players in other states.

Barbara Northcott

Two pages that can be printed double sided on an A4 sheet of paper.

2 thoughts on “Information Sheet that may be useful

  1. We have a two-sided one page sheet which we give out for information at McIlwraith. I will bring a copy down to you in September for the exam.
    Frances Wregg

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