Hazelbrook NSW discovers Gateball

Hazelbrook Croquet Club members play on a bowling green, flat and smooth and a couple of months ago some of the  Blue Mountains-dwelling, temporarily homeless Lithgow Gateball fraternity heard about it! What a win/win! 

The croquet players could recognise many individual skills but watching the speed of decision making, the teamwork strategy required in a game all done in 30 mins earned a ready respect. With exuberance and passion our visitors soon had those spectators drawn into play. Intoxicating! Now laughter, oooo’s and anguished cries can be heard Thursday and Sunday mornings! 

With readily adjustable, lighter sticks, young school age kids have found their way onto the green and are quickly picking up the game delights of sparking and wow that can look and feel spectacular too! 

A captivated fan from Hazelbrook!

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