Gateball Showcased at Nowra CC

Players from Nowra Croquet Club have shown an interest in gateball and for the past several weeks have been travelling to Jamberoo Croquet Club weekly to learn the complexities of the game. As interest has grown, Jamberoo decided to head south and open up the code to more of the members at Nowra.

6 experienced players from Jamberoo and Lithgow, joined quite a few interested Nowra players on the court as well as several spectators. A fun afternoon was had by all.

After a few short skill sessions with sparking, as always, proving a bit tricky, we played several games. Games started with no penalties for fouls or outballs. As the afternoon wore on most rules were applied and sparking fouls were minimal.

Nowra members remained very positive throughout the afternoon and are keen to adopt this code to their club. Making this possible is the ability to borrow gear from CNSW through Director of NSW Gateball Mary Dunn at

Glenda and Manuel Gutierrez
Jamberoo Croquet Club

3 thoughts on “Gateball Showcased at Nowra CC

  1. Well done to all concerned. I hope the game takes off at Nowra as it is gradually doing at Strathfield. I conduct two senior sessions during Seniors Festival Period, and for the first time, I am introducing Gateball into the Second Session. I have invited participants from the first Session to also attend the Second one, and many have accepted to do so…thus both GC and GB will give Seniors an idea of the variety of games our club offers. What is particularly pleasing is that some SCC volunteers who were not assigned to come to the second session, are doing so, as they would like to understand more about GB, and have fun as they did in the first session.

    Jambaroo Gateballers impressed me on each of my two visits to Jambaroo, so I know how lucky Nowra is, to have the expertise of Gateballers like Glenda, Manuel and Co.

  2. Very good work, Glenda and Manuel. We have been doing the same at Coolangatta Croquet Club and will write a report soon. It is good to have players who are experienced in other codes. Their skills are easily transferable.

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