Gateball Puzzle #2

Thank you to everyone who reviewed and replied to Gateball puzzle #1. The page received 200 hits and there were many good suggestions in the comments.

Gateball puzzle #2 poses two questions. Readers should leave a reply in the comments responding to the two questions. There is no right answer. Readers are also encouraged to test their answers during training sessions.

Gateball Puzzle #2:
3 to play. The score is 9-5 with 15:00 remaining in the match.
Question 1) What should 3 do on it’s turn?
Question 2) Given the match situation would you rather be red or white?



Gateball puzzle #1 included information on the format of the puzzle and outlined how you can submit your own puzzle. You can also review all the comments and suggestions made by readers.

7 thoughts on “Gateball Puzzle #2

  1. I would put 3 to be a pioneer ball for 9 coming on then 9 could put 3 to gate 2 and 1 put as a gate touch for 3. If 2 is at gate 2 put 3 and 1 for a rush to gate 2

  2. Ball 3 to corner 4…white would then play on to set up a gate touch for ball 8…Ball 7 would be the pioneer ball for Ball 9.
    We would prefer to be white.

  3. Not so many responses this time – is that because it’s harder?

    We have played this scenario a couple of times with our usual range of abilities. Both times, red won. Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?

    On the first attempt red 3 took a shot at the white balls near gate 3, missed and went out! By the end of the game 1 missed gate 3 from nearby and all 2 had to do was hit the goal pole from half a metre. It missed and won.

    On the second occasion, 3 went back as a pivot for 9 and as that succeeded red managed to stay ahead and win!

  4. I think I’d prefer to play White.

    The best play for ball 3 is to be put in a position for 9 to touch after coming on. This is probably a little straighter than the normal “for 9 coming on” position as the powerful play is simply the spark of 3 with 9. 10 is coming on and 2 is over near gate 3. Neither of those two balls is likely to be able to respond to Ball 3’s new position.

    However, White has two gate touches for the taking. The most pivotal play is probably ball 6.

    Ball 6 should abuse ball 1 and set a Gate-Touch for ball 8. Ball 6 touches ball 1, sends one as a straightener for 8, 6 sits behind as the touch ball. Since ball 7 is out there is no chance ball 1 gets rescued.

    The more obvious gate touch is probably for Ball 2. Ball 4 can attempt to sit in the jaws of gate 3 or just behind. The gate touch for ball 2 is more obvious, but actually probably harder to execute.

    If 8 gets the Gate and Touch, 8 puts 6 back in the position at gate 2, then takes 3 off the court. That robs red of ball 3 and leaves ball 2 with a possible gate-touch against 4, but with a definite 2-4 touch with 3 as an outball.

    If I had a strong team, I’d prefer to play white… The shots are tricky, but the positioning is stronger.

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